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Currency CodeCatalog NoPart DescriptionJan 2017 pricePrice Effective DateSales Unit Meas
EURSC-1024-B005Sodium sulfate  Picograde® anhydrous, for residue analysis (ACS), in granular form18.031/1/2017500g
EURSC-1024-B025Sodium sulfate  Picograde® anhydrous, for residue analysis (ACS), in granular form561/1/20172.5kg
EURSC-4178-B005Florisil 8 - 16 mesh1251/1/2017500g
EURSC-4178-S020Florisil 8 - 16 mesh15991/1/201720kg
EURSC-4179-B005Florisil® 16-30 mesh1251/1/2017500g
EURSC-4179-S010Florisil® 16-30 mesh8671/1/201710kg
EURSC-4179-S020Florisil® 16-30 mesh15991/1/201720kg
EURSC-4180-B005Florisil® 30-60 mesh1251/1/2017500g
EURSC-4180-S010Florisil® 30-60 mesh8671/1/201710kg
EURSC-4180-S020Florisil® 30-60 mesh15841/1/201720kg
EURSC-4181-B005Florisil® (Standard), 60 - 100 mesh (150 - 250 µm)1241/1/2017500g
EURSC-4181-S010Florisil® (Standard), 60 - 100 mesh (150 - 250 µm)8591/1/201710kg
EURSC-4181-S020Florisil® (Standard), 60 - 100 mesh15681/1/201720kg
EURSC-4182-B005Florisil® PR for residue analysis, 60 - 100 mesh (150 - 250 µm)1591/1/2017500g
EURSC-4182-S010Florisil® PR for residue analysis, 60 - 100 mesh (150 - 250 µm)9991/1/201710kg
EURSC-4182-S020Florisil® PR for residue analysis, 60 - 100 mesh (150 - 250 µm)18841/1/201720kg
EURSC-4183-B005Florisil® (Standard), 100-200 mesh1241/1/2017500g
EURSC-4183-S010Florisil® (Standard), 100-200 mesh8591/1/201710kg
EURSC-4183-S020Florisil® (Standard), 100-200 mesh15841/1/201720kg
EURSC-4184-B005Florisil 60-80 mesh1251/1/2017500g
EURSC-4185-B005Florisil TLC1381/1/2017500g
EURSC-4186-S010Florisil -200 mesh6691/1/201710kg
EURSC-4186-S020Florisil®  -200 mesh15991/1/201720kg
EURSC-4568-A005ICN Alumina B - Super I (basic)  (50 - 200 µm)391/1/2017500g
EURSC-4569-A005ICN-Alumina B - Super I (50 - 200 µm) for dioxin analysis391/1/2017500g
EURSC-4592-A005ICN-Alumina A - Super I (acid) (50 - 200 µm)401/1/2017500g
EURSC-5150-F0251-Octanesulphonic acid sodium salt for HPLC841/1/201725g
EURSC-5150-F1001-Octanesulphonic acid sodium salt for HPLC2321/1/2017100g
EURSC-5230-F0251-Heptanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC821/1/201725g
EURSC-5230-F1001-Heptanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC2321/1/2017100g
EURSC-5330-F0251-Butanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC1951/1/201725g
EURSC-5330-F1001-Butanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC3481/1/2017100g
EURSC-5430-F0251-Dodecanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC1421/1/201725g
EURSC-5430-F1001-Dodecanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC1491/1/2017100g
EURSC-5550-F0251-Hexanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC801/1/201725g
EURSC-5550-F1001-Hexanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC2341/1/2017100g
EURSC-5650-F0251-Decanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC1351/1/201725g
EURSC-5650-F1001-Decanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC4081/1/2017100g
EURSC-5730-F0251-Pentanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC811/1/201725g
EURSC-5730-F1001-Pentanesulfonic acid sodium salt for HPLC2341/1/2017100g
EURSC-8024-B005Sodium sulfate anhydrous, for analysis, in granular form17.251/1/2017500g
EURSC-8024-B025Sodium sulfate anhydrous, for analysis, in granular form541/1/20172.5kg
EURSC-8024-S025Sodium sulfate anhydrous, for analysis, in granular form3301/1/201725kg
EURSC-9700-B005Florisil® (Standard), 60 - 100 mesh (suitable for ISO 9377-2/H53)1401/1/2017500g
EURSC-9700-S010Florisil® (Standard), 60 - 100 mesh7761/1/201710kg
EURSC-9700-S020Florisil® (Standard), 60 - 100 mesh13971/1/201720kg
EURSC-9920-SO20Kieselgel 60, 70-230 mesh3691/1/201720kg
EURSC-9920-SO25Kieselgel 60, 70-230 mesh4621/1/201725kg
EURSC-9950-B005Sodium sulfate anhydrous, for analysis (ACS), powder15.861/1/2017500g
EURSC-9950-B025Sodium sulfate anhydrous, for analysis (ACS), powder381/1/20172.5kg
EURSC-9982-B010Silica gel 60 (63 - 200 µm)571/1/20171kg
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