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Currency CodeCatalog NoPart DescriptionJan 2017 pricePrice Effective DateSales Unit Meas
EURLGCMIC-RM03-10Escherichia coli, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM12-10Penicillium chrysogenum and  Saccharomyces cerevisiae,approx. 5.0 x 10^4 cfu641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM22-10Penicillium chrysogenum, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM25-10Escherichia coli O157:H7, approx.5.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM28-10Listeria monocytogenes , approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM32-10Enterococcus faecalis, approx.1.0 x 10^2 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM58-10Sterile Dried Diced Chicken  (25g x10)651/1/201710x25g
EURLGCMIC-RMS02Salmonella Tablets (Customer Specific Stock)1141/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RMS05Sterile Cocoa Liquor Crumb (Customer Specific Stock)11.991/1/20175g
EURLGCMIC-RMS07Competency: TPC/Enteros (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RM01-10Enterococcus faecalis, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM53-10Sterile Oatmeal (10g x10)651/1/201710x10g
EURLGCMIC-RM70-10Salmonella ser. Tranoroa, approx.2.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RMS06Competency: TPC/Enteros (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RMS10Competency: Salmonella (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RM56-10Sterile Cocoa Powder  (25g x10)641/1/201710x25g
EURLGCMIC-RM69-10Salmonella ser. Typhimurium, approx.2.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RMS09Competency: TPC/Enteros (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RM08-10Salmonella ser. Abony, approx.2.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM11-10Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli,approx. 5.0 x 10^5 cfu /RM and641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM29-10Enterococcus faecalis, approx.5.0 x 10^3 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM34-10Raoultella planticola,approx. 5.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM651/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM51-10Sterile Skimmed Milk Powder (10g x10)651/1/201710x10g
EURLGCMIC-RM68-10Cronobacter sakazakii, approx.5.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM05-10Bacillus cereus, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM20-10Saccharomyces cerevisiae, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM57-10Sterile Dried Diced Chicken (10g x10)651/1/201710x10g
EURLGCMIC-RM60-10Sterile Dried Seafood (25g x10)651/1/201710x25g
EURLGCMIC-RMS11Competency: Salmonella (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RMS12Competency: Salmonella (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RM06-10Clostridium perfringens, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM09-10Listeria monocytogenes, approx.5.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM31-10Pseudomonas aeruginosa, approx.1.0 x 10^2 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM33-10Clostridium perfringens, approx.1.0 x 10^2 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM47-10Legionella pneumophila, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM52-10Sterile Skimmed Milk Powder (25g x10)651/1/201710x25g
EURLGCMIC-RM54-10Sterile Oatmeal (25g x10)651/1/201710x25g
EURLGCMIC-RM55-10Sterile Cocoa Powder (10g x10)651/1/201710x10g
EURLGCMIC-RM15-10Enterococcus faecalis,approx. 5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM651/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM23-10Bacillus subtilis, approx.1.0 x 10^6 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM30-10Escherichia coli, approx.1.0 x 10^2 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM59-10Sterile Dried Seafood (10g x10)651/1/201710x10g
EURLGCMIC-RMS01TPC and Enteros Tablets16.351/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RMS08Competency: TPC/Enteros (Customer Specific Stock)13.081/1/2017ea
EURLGCMIC-RM04-10Staphylococcus aureus, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM07-10Lactococcus lactis, approx.5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM13-10Salmonella ser. Nottingham, approx.2.0 x 10^1 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RM17-10Pseudomonas aeruginosa,approx. 5.0 x 10^4 cfu /RM641/1/2017set(10)
EURLGCMIC-RMS03Sterile Cocoa Powder (Customer Specific Stock)11.991/1/2017100g
EURLGCMIC-RMS04Sterile Cocoa Powder (Customer Specific Stock)11.991/1/20175g
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