Edwards RV Dual-Mode Vacuum Pumps

Dòng bơm chân không ngoài của hãng Edward, được thiết kế để vận hành liên tục 24/24, tương thích với các loại nguồn điện, 110v, 220v, sử dụng động cơ điện 1pha hoặc 3 pha, dễ dàng lắp đặt, vận hành.

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Features and Benefits

  • Selectable dual mode
    • high vacuum for best pressure
    • high throughput mode for continuous inlet pressure above 50 mbar
  • Easy to use gas ballast
  • ON-OFF switch on pump
  • Low Noise Level: 48 dbA
  • All pumps factory tested and certified
  • Easy to service and maintain>
  • High torque, dual voltage, dual frequency motor

To meet the requirements for high throughputs with low ultimate vacuum, Edwards has developed a totally new concept in rotary vacuum pumps. The world’s first dual-mode pump.

The unique dual-mode action allows you to easily configure the unit to pump very high gas loads and also achieve excellent vacuum – all from a single pump. In most cases it increases performance at significantly reduced noise levels.

This radical operation is matched by innovative design features including a cartridge based pumping mechanism incorporating advanced new materials, a fully featured Edwards motor and a fast acting inlet valve to seal the pump for suck-back protection.

The pumps are easy to install, use and maintain with superior built quality to give lowest cost of ownership. To build a pump this advanced, Edwards has invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly technology in a dedicated ISO9001 factory.

To meet the stringent requirements for ever quieter environments we have built into the Edwards RV range the results of an extensive program of noise research into the Pump, drive train and motor. This has reduced both overall noise levels and improved the subjective quietness by “tuning out” those frequencies which are both intrusive and irritating. Before shipment each pump is tested in a quiet room using a noise spectrum analyzer.

Edwards RV – easy to install, use and maintain

Installation is easy as all Edwards RV pumps feature a special dual voltage, dual frequency motor with an IEC mains input socket. Simply plug in the appropriate cable. No need for hard wiring. An on/off switch controls the pump.

Motor voltage is determined by a simple rocker switch, enabling the pump to be easily configured for use internationally.

All controls are clearly marked and have large finger grips for ease of use. Inlet and outlet are both fitted with standard NW25 flanges.

No special tools are required for servicing. The shaft seal can be changed or repositioned without dismantling the pump. Easy dismantling for cleaning is a feature. In addition, we provide service kits of guaranteed Edwards parts.

Edwards RV Dual-Mode Vacuum Specifications

Displacement (swept volume) M3h-1 RV3 RV5 RV8 RV12
50Hz 3.7 5.8 9.7 14.2
60Hz 4.5 7.0 11.7 17.0
Speed (Pneurop) m3h-1
50Hz 3.3 5.1 8.5 12.0
60Hz 3.9 6.2 10.0 14.2
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure) mbar – high vacuum mode
gas ballast 0 2×10-3 2×10-3 2×10-3 2×10-3
gas ballast I 3×10-2 3×10-2 3×10-2 3×10-2
gas ballast II 1.2×10-1 1×10-1 6×10-2 6×10-2
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure) mbar – high throughput mode
gas ballast 0 3×10-2 3×10-2 3×10-2 3×10-2
gas ballast I 6×10-2 6×10-2 4×10-2 2×10-2
gas ballast II 1.2×10-1 1×10-1 6×10-2 6×10-2
Ultimate vacuum (partial pressure) mbar – high throughput mode
gas ballast 0 10-4 10-4 10-4 10-4
Maximum water vapour pumping rate kgh-1 1ph (3ph)
gas ballast I 0.06 (0.04) 0.06 (0.04) 0.06 (0.04) 0.06 (0.04)
gas ballast II 0.22 (0.12) 0.22 (0.12) 0.22 (0.2) 0.29 (0.25)
Maximum permitted pressure at outlet – bar gauge
Inlet connection NW25 NW25 NW25 NW25
Outlet connection NW25 NW25 NW25 NW25
Max. weight kg (without Oil) 21.6 21.5 26.0 26.3
Noise dB (A) 50Hz. I ph 48 48 48 48
Motor power (W) 50Hz. 250 250 250 450
Motor power (W) 60Hz. 300 300 550 550
Oil capacity (litre) max. 0.7 0.7 0.75 1.0
Oil capacity (litre) min. 0.42 0.42 0.45 0.65

Edwards Vacuum Pump Dimensions

RV3 430 158 221 127 29 78 230 120 69 42 19
RV5 430 158 221 127 29 78 230 120 69 42 19
RV8 470 158 221 161 35 78 230 120 69 42 19 261
RV12 470 158 221 181 35 78 230 120 69 42 19 261

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