STD-LGC Part List

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Currency CodeCatalog NoPart DescriptionJan 2017 pricePrice Effective DateSales Unit Meas
EURERM-AC303Leucomalachite Green 4,4'-Benzylidenebis(N,N-dimethylaniline))2811/1/2017100mg
EURERM-AC405Ethanol/water - 15% Ethanol881/1/201750ml
EURERM-AC511Aqueous Ethanol - 67mg / 100ml1561/1/201725ml
EURERM-BA002Wine - Alcohol (10%)1481/1/2017250ml
EURERM-BC084Tomato paste - Contaminant metals2861/1/201750g
EURERM-BC210Wheat flour - Total Selenium & Selenomethionine3201/1/201715g
EURERM-BD013Orange juice881/1/20173ml
EURERM-BD017Sponge Cake – Proximates2021/1/2017355g
EURERM-DA110Tacrolimus in whole human blood2761/1/20171ml
EURERM-DA201Frozen human serum - Digoxin, low level1201/1/2017vial
EURERM-EF674Diesel - Sulfur2861/1/2017100ml
EURERM-FB012Polystyrene in hexane2901/1/20175x1ml
EURERM-FC025Benzoic acid - Melting Point 122.36 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURERM-FC026Acetanilide - Melting point 114.19 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURLGC2611Zinc - DSC calibration standard2731/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2703Desulfurised gypsum - Major oxides and trace elements1831/1/201775g
EURLGC4002Acetanilide - Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen1611/1/20171g
EURLGC4003Benzoic acid - Oxygen1611/1/20171g
EURLGC7104Sterilised cream - Proximates and nutrient elements961/1/2017170g
EURLGC7140Soft drink - Colours1041/1/201760ml
EURLGC7173Poultry feed - Proximates and elements2731/1/201745g
EURERM-AC3012-t-Butyl-4-methoxyphenol (BHA)1531/1/2017500mg
EURERM-AC404Ethanol/water - 5% Ethanol581/1/201725ml
EURERM-AC406Ethanol/water - 40% Ethanol521/1/201725ml
EURERM-AC510Aqueous Ethanol - 50mg / 100ml1541/1/201725ml
EURERM-AC8203,3',4,4'-Tetrachlorobiphenyl (PCB 77)1291/1/201720mg
EURERM-AC8223,3',4,4',5,5'-Hexachlorobiphenyl (PCB 169)1291/1/201720mg
EURERM-CC136Sewage sludge - Extractable and total metals721/1/201725g
EURERM-DA252Creatinine in frozen human serum (low level)1051/1/20171.0mL
EURLGC2606Benzoic acid - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2612Aluminium - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2700Natural gypsum - Major oxides and trace elements1831/1/201775g
EURLGC6188River sediment - PAHs2631/1/201730g
EURLGC7103Sweet digestive biscuit - Proximates and elements1511/1/201748g
EURLGC7223Sheep meat671/1/201710g
EURLGC72461% Turkey meat in sheep meat1001/1/20173x2g
EURLGCQC101-KTPeanut allergen in chocolate dessert positive & negative control1471/1/20172x5g
EURERM-AC403Aqueous ethanol - 200 mg / 100 ml1321/1/201725ml
EURERM-AC823Polychlorinated biphenyls in 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane (Isooctane)2101/1/20171.2ml
EURERM-AE672Glycine - Absolute carbon isotope ratio2161/1/2017500mg
EURERM-BA003Wine - Alcohol (15%)1001/1/2017250ml
EURERM-FC0222-Chloroanthraquinone - Melting point 209.73 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURLGC2604Benzil - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2605Acetanilide - DSC calibration standard2811/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2701Natural anhydrite - Major oxides and trace elements1831/1/201775g
EURLGC6145Contaminated clay loam soil - Extractable4011/1/201750g
EURLGC6184Sewage sludge - PCBs2631/1/201730g
EURLGC7224Chicken meat661/1/201710g
EURLGC7241Horse meat (10%) in beef1001/1/20173x2g
EURLGC7244Chicken (1%) in sheep991/1/20173x2g
EURLGC72475% Turkey meat in sheep meat1001/1/20173x2g
EURERM-AC316Solvent Yellow 124 (SY124, Sudan 455, Somalia Yellow, T10)5531/1/2017200mg
EURERM-BA006Brandy - 40% ABV961/1/201750ml
EURERM-BD016Sugar Confectionery - Sugars1771/1/201714g
EURERM-CA011Hard drinking water - Metals3901/1/2017250ml
EURERM-DA250Creatinine and electrolytes in frozen human serum (high level)2101/1/20171.0mL
EURERM-FC021Carbazole - Melting point 245.41 ºC1711/1/20170.25g
EURERM-FC027Benzil - Melting Point 94.90 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURLGC2608Lead - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2610Biphenyl - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2702Blended gypsum - Major oxides and trace elements1831/1/201775g
EURLGC5100Whisky - Congeners1411/1/201710ml
EURLGC6180Pulverised fuel ash - Extractable and total metals2301/1/201750g
EURLGC7162Strawberry leaves - Trace elements2461/1/201720g
EURLGC7164Crab paste - Proximates and Elements4401/1/2017140g
EURLGC7248Beef in sheep meat1001/1/20173x2g
EURERM-AC401Aqueous ethanol - 80mg / 100 ml1301/1/201725ml
EURERM-AC409Aqueous ethanol - 20mg / 100 ml2161/1/201750ml
EURERM-BB501Processed meat - Proximates, chloride, hydroxyproline & metals1411/1/201750g
EURERM-CA016Soft drinking water - Anions3961/1/2017250ml
EURERM-DA200Frozen human serum - Digoxin, high level1201/1/2017vial
EURLGC2613Phenyl salicylate - DSC calibration standard1961/1/2017500mg
EURLGC6115Soil - PCBs and PAHs2811/1/201750g
EURLGC6189River sediment - Extractable metals2661/1/201730g
EURLGC7111Potato powder - Sulfur dioxide - (3 months expiry from shipment)1881/1/2017110g
EURLGC73002,6-Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol (BHT)1201/1/2017500mg
EURPL2070-5001Polyethylene glycol1401/1/20171g
EURERM-AC410Ethanol/water - 40% Ethanol1311/1/201750ml
EURERM-AC8213,3',4',4',5 Pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB 126)1291/1/201720mg
EURERM-BA001Wine - Alcohol (5%)1501/1/2017250ml
EURERM-BA005Lager - 5% ABV961/1/2017330ml
EURERM-BD015Orange juice881/1/20173ml
EURERM-EF212Petrol - Sulfur1461/1/201719ml
EURERM-EF673Diesel - Sulfur2861/1/2017100ml
EURERM-FC023Anisic acid - Melting point 183.5 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURERM-FC028Naphthalene - Melting point 80.34 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURLGC2603Naphthalene - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC6019River water - Trace elements2861/1/2017250ml
EURLGC6025River water - Anions2861/1/2017250ml
EURLGC6177Landfill leachate - Trace elements721/1/201750ml
EURLGC7242Pork (1%) in beef991/1/20173x2g
EURLGC7245Chicken (5%) in sheep1001/1/20173x2g
EURLGCQC3013Loamy sand soil 2 - Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons961/1/2017100g
EURPL2070-2001Polyethylene glycol1401/1/20171g
EURPL2070-4001Polyethylene glycol1401/1/20171g
EURPL2070-6001Polyethylene glycol1401/1/20171g
EURERM-AC402Aqueous ethanol - 107 mg / 100ml1321/1/201725ml
EURERM-BD011Orange juice891/1/20173ml
EURERM-CA015Hard drinking water - Anions3961/1/2017250ml
EURERM-DA120Frozen human serum - Trace metals (Cu, Se, Zn)1651/1/20171ml
EURERM-DA251Creatinine and electrolytes in frozen human serum (low level)2101/1/20171.0mL
EURERM-DA253Creatinine in frozen human serum (high level)1051/1/20171.0mL
EURERM-DA345Frozen human serum - Testosterone, high level1881/1/20171.0mL
EURERM-DA346Frozen human serum - Testosterone, low level1911/1/20171.0mL
EURERM-EB503Pt, and  Pd in unused automobile catalyst - powder3161/1/2017100g
EURERM-FC0294-Nitrotoluene - Melting Point 51.66 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURERM-FD102Mixture of silica nanoparticles in aqueous solution3341/1/201710ml
EURLGC-BOOK"In-house Method Validation: a guide for Chemical Laboratories"821/1/2017book
EURLGC2601Indium - DSC calibration standard2731/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2607Diphenylacetic acid - DSC calibration standard2771/1/2017500mg
EURLGC2609Tin - DSC calibration standard2731/1/2017500mg
EURLGC40084-Bromobenzoic acid - Bromine1611/1/20171g
EURLGC5004Lager shandy - Alcohol721/1/2017330ml
EURLGC6020River water - Anions2691/1/2017250ml
EURLGC6181Sewage sludge - Extractable metals2631/1/2017100g
EURLGC6182Sewage sludge - PAHs1921/1/201730g
EURLGC7016Chocolate confectionery2101/1/201715g
EURLGC7225Turkey meat671/1/201710g
EURLGC7226Goat meat671/1/201710g
EURLGC7240Horsemeat (1%) in beef991/1/20173x2g
EURLGC7249Beef in sheep meat1001/1/20173x2g
EURLGC7305Potassium sorbate1201/1/2017500mg
EURLGC7330Selenomethionine enriched with 76Se7061/1/201710mg
EURERM-AC407Ethanol/water - 70% Ethanol881/1/201725ml
EURERM-BD014Orange juice881/1/20173ml
EURERM-CA022Soft drinking water - Metals3901/1/2017250ml
EURERM-CC135Brick works soil - Extractable metals2861/1/201750g
EURERM-FB020Holmium/neodymium oxides solution1531/1/20172x3ml
EURERM-FC024Diphenylacetic acid - Melting point 147.26 ºC1741/1/20170.25g
EURERM-FC030Phenyl salicylate - Melting point 41.82 ºC1591/1/20170.25g
EURLGC4001Dibenzothiophene - Sulfur1221/1/20172x500mg
EURLGC40092-Iodobenzoic acid - Iodine1611/1/20171g
EURLGC6016Estuarine water - Trace metals1861/1/201750ml
EURLGC6175Landfill leachate - Trace elements1761/1/201750ml
EURLGC6187River sediment - Extractable metals4351/1/201780g
EURLGC7243Pork (10%) in beef991/1/20173x2g
EURPL2143-0000Polyacrylic acid7771/1/20170.2g
EURPL2143-2000Polyacrylic acid7771/1/20170.2g
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